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Caring for Children with GBS

Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) or Guillain-Barré syndrome is a rare disease that can affect children. This disease can cause paralysis in your baby. The sooner your child gets treatment, the more likely the situation can improve. Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is a serious condition that requires hospitalization in the hospital as soon as possible, because it can deteriorate quickly. If not treated immediately, this disease can cause paralysis and even death. This is a treatment for GBS So far no treatment has been found that can cure this disease. The key to managing GBS medically is to detect this disease as early as possible. This condition can usually improve, but can be life threatening if medical treatment is not immediately obtained. Intensive care and close monitoring of medical personnel are needed to treat children with GBS. The goal of treatment and treatment is to prevent respiratory distress in your baby. This is because one of the most feared complications of GBS is
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5 Simple Signs from Your Body That You Are Unhealthy

Be More Sensitive, This Is A Simple Sign Of Your Body That You Are Unhealthy 1. Snore Snoring is a sign that your body is not feeling well. Based on medical science, a condition that only occurs during sleep is often associated with being overweight. Snoring can also be a sign that someone has heart disease, stroke and GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). So, if until now you are still sleeping in a snoring condition, it is good to check with your doctor about your health condition. 2. Pimples Although trivial, but the appearance of acne can also be a sign that the body is not healthy. Perhaps many think that acne is a sign of hormonal changes, especially for women. Apparently, there are some acne locations that show that your health is not good. For example, if acne appears on the forehead area, it is a sign that you are living an unhealthy lifestyle. Acne that appears under the chin is associated with digestive problems. So, start watching the location of the zit to d

The Danger of Withstanding Urination

Restrain urination is a habit that may have been done by many people, especially if you do not find a toilet or bathroom to urinate. Some people may not immediately feel the effects of holding back urination, but holding back urination can be dangerous. A Urological Surgeon, Dr. Devintha explains "It is better not to hold back urination because it will increase the risk of urinary tract infections, especially in women, who have shorter urethra ureters than men." "Withholding urination can cause bacteria to more easily reach the bladder or kidney, which results in urinary tract infections," he said on According to Dr. Devintha, urinating is a normal part of a person's daily life. urination generally occurs every three hours. But it all depends on the fluid intake in the body. "The amount of drinking and fluid intake in adults is adjusted for body weight, which is about eight glasses per day. The frequency of urination is also influen